Setting up Acronis Cyber Backup on a Server

You secure backup your VPS or Dedicated server data on the cloud off-site by enabling Acronis Cyber Backups. 

If you haven't already purchased Acronis Cyber Backups, you can do so from your control panel by following the steps mentioned below.

Add Acronis Cyber Backup for a Server 

  1. Login to your Control Panel, Search for the domain name for which you have purchased the server order and go to the Order Information view.

  2. Click Server Backups by Acronis.

  3. Mention the storage size (in GB) you would like to purchase for the backup in the storage field. If you already have an Acronis order, you can follow the steps mentioned here. 


    It is recommended that the backup storage size is at least two times (2x) the storage size of your VPS or Dedicated server.

  4. Click the Buy Now button.

  5. Proceed to pay for the Invoice generated.

  6. Once you pay for the invoice, the system will provision the order in some time. 


    By default when you purchase a backup add-on, it will automatically install a backup agent on your server. If the system is unable to install the agent, you will get an error. Depending on your server you can look at the following articles. 

    • Acronis Agent Errors with Linux. 
    • Acronis Agent Errors with Windows.
  7. Once the agent is successfully installed, you will be able to manage the backup settings by accessing the Acronis management panel.